CFC Stories

Personal stories inspire and connect us as we work to reach a common objective or goal, and storytelling within the CFC can be a powerful tool as we work together to make a difference for those in need. Are you passionate about disaster relief, veterans' services, animal rights, medical research, or another great cause supported through the CFC? Behind each chosen cause is a story, and by sharing these personal stories, we create a deeper connection with each other, participating charities, and those that benefit from our CFC contributions.

Choose your cause and Show Some Love by sharing why it’s important to you! Develop your personal story by thinking about the following questions:

  • Which charitable cause is most important to you?
  • Why is this cause important to you?
  • How does it make you feel to support your cause through the CFC?

Below are some sample stories to get you started.

Success Stories

Odis's Story

Odis Roberts Image

Odis Roberts, CFC Charity Beneficiary

A few years ago, Odis Roberts found himself in a very difficult situation. After losing his job, he was no longer able to afford housing and resorted to living out of his car ...

Immer's Story

Immer Nieves Picture

SK3 Immer Nieves, U.S. Coast Guard

My cause is protecting our oceans from pollution. Growing up in Puerto Rico, the ocean was my life. I would go to beaches almost daily to fish and surf. I cannot recall how many times I have seen beaches littered with trash or going fishing and reeling in a plastic bag ...

Mary's Story

Mary Coats Picture

Mary Coats, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

My cause, access to sports for individuals with disabilities, is important to me because I have seen how much these sports programs can help increase confidence, independence, and fitness, just by reducing the barriers to participation ...