American Center for Law and Justice

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American Center for Law and Justice
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For More than 27 years, the ACLJ has been fighting for freedom and liberty in the United States and around the globe. Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow has argued 12 times before the United States Supreme Court including several landmark cases protecting religious and constitutional freedoms. The ACLJ is active in the courts, in congress, and in the public arena. With a weekly TV program and an active social media presence, the ACLJ has created a powerful media strategy to continue the fight for freedom and liberty. Nearly 300,000 people in two weeks, if we could do that in a couple weeks imagine what we could do in 6 months, imagine what we could do in a year, imagine what we could do if we stand together Your support makes a critical difference so thank you for joining with us thank you for standing with us as we seek to proclaim freedom and liberty here in the united states and around the globe
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