Denver Children's Home - Captioned

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Denver Children's Home
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Denver Children’s Home Script-Short Bring Up Logo... Then, Add Music & Video Rebecca 53:42 “We believe if you change the life of a child, you change the world. Dr. Rebecca Hea, Executive Director, Denver Children’s Home 46:11 “Denver Children’s Home is the oldest non-profit in the state of Colorado.” (*bump with 46:45*) “Since 1876, we have relied on community support - to live our mission and to help children learn to be children and to heal and grow.” Rebecca 34:51 “Our population that we specialize in treating is severely traumatized, abused and neglected kids and families with mental health issues.” Rebecca 35:08 “Denver Children’s Home is a placement of last resort.” (*bump with 40:09*) “Kids and families who have no hope – because nothing has worked... come here and heal.” Rebecca 37:30 “What we specialize in doing - is helping people heal from trauma. So, we provide trauma-informed care.” Rebecca 38:37 “We have art therapy, music therapy, yoga... we have therapy dogs, we have equine assisted therapy, we have a horticulture therapy.” (*bump with 38:20*) “Once we can help them calm, their brains work better and they can learn and problem solve... and those are skills that they will have the rest of their lives.” Rebecca into camera 56:42 “Give, support, volunteer – it will change your heart and your life as well.” Bring Up Closing Logo with Read On Graphic: Restoring hope and healing to kids and families since 1876. (*Add to...*)
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