Edgewood...Making our Community Stronger

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Edgewood Center for Children and Families
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Edgewood Center for Children and Families is a premier provider of (video of street signs “29th Ave., Vicente St.”, pan of front of Edgewood building) Behavioral Health Services for children, youth, and families offering preventative community-based and residential treatment. Programs are (video of “Edgewood” plaque) for Bay Area Youth who struggle with mental health issues as a result (video of speaker, caption “Keri Kirby, Manager of Philanthropic Services") of trauma. We recognize that mental health matters and that the sooner we can intervene in the lives of young people, the better off (video of feet of youth playing volleyball) they are to live happy and healthy lives. Examples of that might be (video of Edgewood Garden, plants) teaching young kids how to name and handle their emotions, how to cope (video of colorful, positive post-it note messages from children on wall, including “Love yourself”, “I am nice”) when things become challenging, how to repair family relationships, and helping kids learn to succeed in school. (video of Edgewood classroom with desks, art on walls) Federal employees should choose to select Edgewood because we make our (video of Keri speaking) community stronger and we will be here to support them should they and their families ever experienced a crisis as well. (text “Thank you for your support”, “Find us at edgewood.org”
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