Food and Water Watch – Choose Action

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Food & Water Watch
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Description: 60-second video “action” trailer containing a Ted Talk speech from Food & Water Justice Co-Director Michele Merkel, as well as a People’s State of the Union speech from FWW Executive Director Wenonah Hauter. Both speeches embody the vision of FWW, and a compilation of footage from past rallies and events are overlaid to complement this audio. Background music plays throughout the video, entitled “Fresh Start” (Purchased Music). Audio Transcript: Michele Merkel – Co-Director: Climate & Energy Policy; Food & Water Justice Wenonah Hauter – Executive Director [Minutes:Seconds] ________________________________________ START [00:00] MICHELE MERKEL: Whether it’s hunger, junk food marketing to kids, [or] antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it doesn’t matter. They all stem from an imbalance of power between corporate interests and people. [00:13] To change this imbalance, we need to do the long-term and difficult work of building political power to make meaningful changes in people’s lives. [00:21] Choose democracy and choose action. We invite you to this fight, to reclaim our food system and to make government work for the people. [00:34] WENONAH HAUTER: We must work towards a bold vision, one rooted in justice and equity. [00:45] A society where all people have clean water, healthy food, a good union job and a livable climate. END
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