Skymont Scout Reservation

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Boy Scouts of America
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The video features footage of Skymont Scout Reservation. It showcases the many activities that Scouts are able to learn and participate in, including BB & Archery, water sports, hiking, climbing, and more. ♪ (music) ♪ (narrator) Skymont Scout Reservation, located in Altamont, Tennessee, rests on the western edge of Cumberland Plateau. With 2,400 acres of land, 4 lakes, 8 miles of blufflines and endless trails, Skymont is rich in natural beauty. Scouts come from all over the country to experience Skymont's outdoor classroom. Boys grow and develop, and they're challenged to push themselves in a safe and supported environment where teamwork is key. Lifelong friendships are made, merit badges are earned, and adventures experienced, all with the help of Skymont's world-class staff. Skymont offers a traditional scouting experience and has a state-of-the-art First Year Camper Program, where boys build confidence in their scouting skills and develop self-reliance and resourcefulness. Step out of your comfort zone. Test your boundaries. Become the scout you know you can be at Skymont. (Scout 1) Skymont! (Scout 2) Skymont! (Scout 3) Skymont! (narrator) Skymont! ♪ (music ends) ♪
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