TGR Foundation – Empowering Students to Pursue Their Passions Through Education

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Tiger Woods Foundation
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Scene 1 Male student smiles in underrepresented community Voiceover What if every student Scene 2 Female student walks down college hall at the flagship TGR Learning Lab Voiceover had unlimited access to vital resources Scene 3 Female student views 3D printer in operation with supervision by a TGR Learning Lab instructor Voiceover and an unwavering support system. Scene 5 Student views a marine biology specimen in a Marine Science Class at the TGR Learning Lab Voiceover What if learning was Scene 6 Student works on engineering design using paper airplanes and tests distance amongst classmates Voiceover was about active engaging experiences Scene 7 Students view marine biology specimen in awe Voiceover that prepared young people for college Scene 8 Student sits down with a professional at the TGR Learning Lab Voiceover and for life. Scene 9 Male student walks down college hall at the TGR Learning Lab Voiceover Music plays in the background Scene 10 Video zooms in on flagship TGR Learning Lab Building Voiceover We believe the word champion isn’t just for athletes Scene 11 Students test rockets; launching designs outside the TGR Learning Lab Voiceover and that every young person deserves the opportunity to become something more Scene 12 Female student smiles on camera Voiceover than we ever expected. Scene 13 Male student stands in street and smiles at camera Scene 14 Tiger Woods smiles on camera Scene 15 TGR Foundation Bumper appears directing viewers to
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