We Are PetSmart Charities

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PetSmart Charities, Inc.
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[music starts] Narrator: At PetSmart Charities (Dog looks at camera with PetSmart Charities logo over its face) Narrator: We believe pets make us better people, (Two women pet a brown dog) Narrator: And we believe pets make our community stronger. (A cat lays in a woman’s arms as the cat kneads with her paws and looks into camera.) (Woman poses in front of white van) Narrator: For the past 25 years, our work has evolved (A man and a woman cuddle a puppy in front of a blue background) Narrator: From helping create bonds through pet adoptions (A person holds and pets a small white dog) Narrator: To amplifying the healing power of pets (Two women smile and hold a brown dog) Narrator: To helping keep pets in the arms of those who love them. (A man sits and snuggles with a blonde dog) (A woman snuggles a dog as two boys watch and smile) [music only] (Close up shot of a person’s hands petting at dog as the dog looks into camera) [music only] (A cat looks up and into camera) [music only] (A black dog jumps in the air with a woman standing next to the dog) Narrator: We see pets as part of the family, (A woman pets a black dog) Narrator: And we believe communities are complete (A black cat lays down and plays with a toy as a man pets him) (A man holds and kisses a black cat) Narrator: When pets are a part of them. (Six people stand in a operating room and hold cats as they look into camera and smile ) Narrator: Through education, (A woman adjusts the stethoscope in her ears) Advocacy, (A woman is kneeling next to a brown dog) Narrator: And community engagement, (A man sits on a chair as his dog sits in front of him) Narrator: We are working to make sure pets (A woman sits in her chair as her dog lays down next to her) (People and their dogs are in the background Narrator: And the people who love them (A woman sits on a bench and is leaning over to kiss and hug a dog) Narrator: are always part of the conversation (A man stands in front of a room of people, making a presentation) [music only] (A woman holds and pets a dog) [music only] (A woman holds and pets a cat) Narrator: We're in the business of changing lives. (A woman holds and snuggles a dog) Narrator: Another woman holds and snuggles a cat [music only] (A man holds and snuggles a dog) Narrator: And whether you stand on four legs or two, (A man feeds a dog a treat as a pet adoption event -happens in the background) (A man stands in front of a PetSmart Charities' Everyday Cat Adoption Center and points to the sign) Narrator: We'll always be right there with you. (Close up shot of a woman snuggling a cat) [[music only]] (PetSmart Charities logo with “see the impact in your community” written underneath) [[music only]] (PetSmart Charities logo with “petsmartcharities.org” written underneath)
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